This project is the product of a collaboration by independent open-source intelligence analysts and the public. All data collected here is crowdsourced and available for inspection and review. The goal of the project is to create a shared resource for use by researchers, journalists, and other interested parties who wish to better understand the global information landscape. For now, the project is focused primarily on the United States and the current struggle to preserve its democracy and rule of law.


The network presented here is a directed graph where links indicate an endorsement, association, or membership between two entities. Wherever possible, we have tried to be clear about the directionality of relationships, but some links are effectively undirected. Size of node is proportional to page rank, while color is determined by community as detected by graph modularity and randomly assigned. Data is available for download and inspection in multiple formats using links in the lower left.


This tool is designed to enable researchers to explore topics of interest and discover unknown connections, with the help of computational network analysis. Here are some strategies for getting the most out Netaverse:


Submissions or corrections to this dataset may be provided via email. You may also submit multiple individual links for consideration via this web form. For each entry, include the following fields:

Entity 1, Entity 2, Verification Link, Notes

Entity 1 should be endorsing, part of, or belong to Entity 2. If you're not sure (as in a friend relationship), arbitrary order is acceptable. Links provided should substantiate the relationship and make it easy for people to verify the relationship expressed. For entities that exist in the dataset, please use the same exact spelling and punctuation as is already in use in the dataset. We'll be looking for ways to automate this later.

Terms of Use

The datasets presented here carry no guarantee of accuracy or utility for any purpose. Any and all interactions with this website constitute acceptance of its terms of use which explicitly disclaim all liability. Inclusion within or exclusion from this dataset does not constitute a declaration of any claim, of any kind.

Press and Inquiries

Media requests and other inquiries may be directed to media@netaverse.link.